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Papa & Grammee spent a wonderful week at the Mark Hopkins Inter-Continental Hotel in January 2008.

It was just like a Honeymoon.. they ate at the best restaurants, viewed all the attractions, rode down Lombarde Street in their Limo and felt like royalty.. the limo driver thought Penny was some movie star, what a compliment!! they would love to do it again, for a future anniversary.




A few places where Penny has traveled.
Like most people, for Penny, Different Trips
Different Medications!!

WOW ... ever been to the
Grand Canyon??

Well.. I had NOT... till June 2005.. I loved the feeling of the Power of God that I felt looking across the great expanse of this 'Grand' Canyon.
Roger, stopped at every vista point on the Grand Canyon route so I could obtain photos to put on this site, as my memories, and to share with YOU!! 
I surely hope You enjoy them just a little..  :)

Grand Canyon, I Love U!!
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I LOVE New York City!!
Was in New York in April 2005 for the filming of an
Informational DVD.
BOY..... what a City!!
Please Enjoy the Pics













Rediscovering Road Trips
I have learned that on automobile trips, there is no longer a reason to endure pain..  take the scenic routes.. they are longer, but go so very much faster when we are not thinking or feeling the pain and discomforts of Psoriasis.

Juliet took me on a 3 day trip to the coast (about 150 miles) from home on the 15th through the 18th of July, 2003.. we drove on roads we had never taken before.. and she enjoyed it as much as I.. we visited in a wonderful, calmer atmosphere than our homes, and I felt less pain and uneasiness than on previous road trips.

In trip was so enlightening.. in a car there is nothing to do but talk.. oh my, we truly enjoyed rediscovering each other.. to learn how much we have actually grown towards each other was a true pleasure.. since her marriage 15 years ago, Juliet is NOW a 'Grown Woman' and I am once again 'feeling' like a young woman.. enjoying life and wanting to go, see and do everything!!

This year (2004) she took me for another 3 day trip to the coast and even though my Psoriasis is in the process of clearing the trip was not really better.. I had already developed the mind set to enjoy the trip last time.. I must have squeezed much more joy out of the last trip than I had even thought possible.. we did again take new routes, talked ALL the way there and back.. but... it was NOT any more dramatic than last year.

I truly believe, and will always continue to believe, that if any person who suffers from a debilitating condition, moved into the frame of mind that they will stay happy, then they will also feel and stay healthier!!





My 1st Train Trip, was to Canada! 

 Even with Psoriasis a trip can be carefree if precautions are taken in preparation of the trip.

Most important is NOT to leave the medication, lotions and ointments behind.
I took a GREAT train ride in 2002 with my daughter and granddaughters. it was 1200 miles of Bliss!!

I took this trip at the worst time, my Psoriasis was completely inflamed head to calves.. I had just been released from the hospital after a flare up with my DVT and was surprised with a preplanned trip.

Instead of disaster, that trip was a 100% pleasure event.. I was able to take my mind off my pain, itching and discomfort for hours at a time.. the views and sites was so mind consuming.

My daily reading was so relaxing because the train lulled me to sleep.. it was short but pleasant sleeps, and waking up totally refreshed  was WONDERFUL.

It used to be that trying to fall asleep was impossible.. my mind knew I hurt and thought about it ALL night!

I have since modified my sleep room.. I use 2 fans to create a moving sensation with the mixing and swoshing of the winds created by both fans.. also, the fan noises help to lull me me into a deep refreshing sleep.

After returning home from the train trip (my 1st ever) I decided to NEVER go to bed unless I am sleepy.. and, the bed is no longer a place to lay and relax, read or nap.. I now, do those things on the couch, in my recliner or on my hammock in the yard.

Please ENJOY the Photos!

Leaving the Amtrak Station in Bakersfield








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