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Psoriasis Patient Stories


Welcome Winter Sunset


One of Penny's favorite ways to Live Happy!

Her blooming succulents in the back yard!



My beautiful Martha Washington Geranium is below!

My beautiful Martha Washington Geranium is above!

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This part of our site is dedicated in Loving Memory to
Dicksey Walpole Ledbetter Gurney
May 29, 1948 - October 25, 2001

Dicksey (Penny's sister, teacher, best friend) suffered with Psoriasis, from 1971 till her death. She received little relief in her lifetime. PUVA was the only treament that ever worked for her and Kaiser stopped allowing her the treatment in 1995.
Dicksey died at 52 still plagued by Psoriasis!


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H Penny McCoy

Penny has been inflicted with Psoriasis for over 30 years..

'Today' Penny is seeing some CLEARing of her Psoriasis.

Penny has been treated with Methotrxate, Amevive, Enbrel with NO successes!! Raptiva, which Penny took for 5 years offered great relief, but has been withdrawn from the market.. Penny is now not taking anything to control the psoriasis.. but, her current arthritis medicine is believed to be helping to ease the symtoms of psoriasis.

Penny did encounter shorter and less frequent flareups of her psoriasis with, Neoral.
But, Neoral is a 'short term' Psoriasis care program.

Neoral had been the ONLY medication that had ever REALLY helped Penny, then in December 2003, Penny was introduced to Raptiva.  Her first treatment was in January 2004. 

Raptiva was the 'divine intervention' for Penny, but has since been withdrawn from the market..

Penny is currently receiving Humira as treatment of her psoriasis.

Throughout Penny's life as a Psoriasis sufferer. She learned that if you Stay Happy, YOU Stay Healthy!! Penny had prayed often to her Lord for a divine intervention. Penny is also a sufferer of Arthritis, DVT, Diabetes, FMA and Penny is a Cancer Survivor!!  Penny believed that for her to live with her conditions she had to, at MANY times emotionally, work diligently to Stay Happy!!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!

Penny's motto for her life is Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!! when Penny divorced her husband in 1975, she noticed her sakin was inflamed at times, when she was upset or had been emotionally crying.. then again she noticed in June of 1979, shortly after her Father died of Cancer, that stress was a large factor in aggrevating her many health issues.. Penny's Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1980, again her health suffered, and again she used the phrase **Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!** to comfort herself, and control the flaring of her diseases.. Penny had her diseases under control by the time Penny's Mother went to be with Our Lord, in September of 1981.. since that time, Penny has never forgotten how powerful that phrase is in her life!


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Ryan J McCoy
Ryan is the Grandson of Roger & Penny.. at the young age of 8 Ryan was diagnosed with Psoriasis of the Scalp.. he also, currently suffers from full blown Psoriasis, covering over 80% of his body.


At the age of 26 Ryan is a Positive Young Man with a Great Outlook on Life.
Ryan is currently controlling this disease, and NOT let psoriasis control him!!


~*~ from the Grandmother of Aubrey Lynn ~*~
I really understand all that you have been through. 
My daughter was 23 years old, 8-1/2 months pregnant with a little girl and dying of cancer. 
The doctors did not know what was wrong with her and did not discover her cancer until she was almost skin and bones and choking to death early one morning. 
The baby was taken 2 weeks early because the doctors said there was something wrong with her liver and her baby would die if she did not have it now. 
Earlier in her pregnancy they had sent her to a psychiatrist because they felt she was depressed was the only reason she was losing weight.  The doctors could not find any thing wrong with her and she continued to lose weight. 
She ate three meals a day, was nursing the baby and trying to raise two young sons, 3 yrs and 2 yrs old (without a husband).  Her husband left her when he found out she had cancer. what a Jerk.
Anyway, her baby Aubrey Lynn was 5 months old when my daughter woke up choking and went in to emergency.  They took x-rays finally and discovered massive tumors wrapped around her heart, her lungs, her throat - everywhere.  They figured she had cancer for 3 to 5 years at least based on the size of the tumors. 
It was Hodgkin's and it was not detected via blood samples.  She had to quit nursing Aubrey and went into full blown Chemo.  It was not easy for her - she was so young and I was terribly shocked.  I went into survival mode and helped her with the three young ones while I worked too.  She is now in remission for the last 7 years, and has had two more sons since then.
And that's another sad story about the sons - especially the 3rd son - now 4 years old.
Submitted 9-7-2005 by S A SMITH

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


Cory Brozik

Cory is currently eighteen, a senior in high school, and he has scalp psoriasis.. he is a member of the Bakersfield Support Group.. and the Historian for the group.

Cory, is eighteen, and the 'official' secretary for the Stay Happy, Stay Healthy Psoriasis Support Group.

Cory has plans to 'forever' be an advocate for psoriasis treatment and eventually a cure!

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Received from Matt.. Wednesday, December 07, 2005 11:32 AM

Psoriasis, extreme condition for past six years.

You are in Our Prayers, Matt!

Thursday, January 05, 2006 6:05 AM - Jean Dennis wrote

"Besides having this affliction all over my hands making it difficult to bend and use them, it is just very plainly, painful! 

I also have arthritis and wonder if they are related, and will have a Dr. look into it."

Jean, You are in our Prayers!

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Ok Momma.. I have to talk to you.. right now life has made me soooo mad :P

It is frightening, to think healthcare is going to be so expensive.. But honestly the president is not the reason the insurance companies are doing this to us.. Having worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years, I can say it is not Obama's fault!! the first thing you learn about insurance is that insurance companies (have in the past)  ALWAYS operated on a actuarial system.. Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries.

The BAD insurance companies are just choosing not too wait for the real facts.. They are trying to intimidate the public and they are unfortunately propagating a larger Obama scare.. That is sad.. We can't always blame everything on the current President.. But unfortunately, it has and will always be that way!! It is easier to blame someone for problems than to take the time and examine the issues.. And the current insurance increases are just big business gouging!!  Individual insurance companies are choosing to do what they are doing.. And the gouging has not one thing to do with actuarial science!!

America (even when I was a child) has always been that way and will continue forever, it is easier to blame the president, the governor, the mayor for everything.. But they do not get into office without some idiot putting them there.. Once they are in office, it is just best to go along for the ride.. We might hate it, but we cannot change it  :P

A few insurance companies choosing to ream it's customers is totally their choice (and unfortunately our insurance company is one of the reamers).. Many honest insurance companies are not following suit,, as with the banks, NOT all banks used the bailouts and the ones that did chose to do so, and those banks are no better off than before their ill choice.. :P  Union bank took NO monies during all that and are still as strong as ever.. Same with some of the insurance companies, not ALL are raising rates ahead of time.. Only a few who think they are bigger than GOD!

Yes, I am angry and tired of all the current propaganda, I am tired of news stations that propagate any problem and rude people who 'know it all'.. recently a jerk online had the nerve to imply that I am a low life person taking handouts given by Obama.. I had asked for info on senior day at the fair.. And this so called 'know it all'.. Who really knows nothing, got my fur up!!!! What a jerk, who is he to put down anything FREE.. If I or anyone chooses to use or give FREE to another, why does it have to be Obama doing it or that by doing so then others would have to pay for whatever was FREE and HOW is ALL problems in the US today Obama's fault.. Trying to squelch his nonsense I used a simple euphuism and this 'dumb' person did not even get the gist of the comment.. He was the dumbest person I have yet to meet, he did not even know the simplistic form of communication.. Yet was spending his time being a propagator of confusing info about Obama on the Kern County Fair page!! First off, that is NOT the place to use a soapbox.. Why people even respond to such people is beyond my comprehension.

Ok, Ok.. I am going to far with this.. But you make such a good sounding board!!! 




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