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Vitiligo Help Site


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Vitiligo Support Site 

Do You have White Spots.. don't know what they are.
The Vitiligo site can help!!



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Penny currently has Vitiligo under her chin in a 6x4 inch ruffled oval shape, (it is a strange thing.. when Penny wears a lime green color top, her neck and under her chin look green :P ) she is going to be trying the oil listed below and will eventually post results info.

Vitiligo affects 1-2% of the population and affects both males and females of all races. Vitiligo can begin at any age although about fifty percent of people who have Vitiligo developed it before they turned 25. Vitiligo is more noticeable to people with darker skin color because the contrast between the normal skin and the depigmentation is more visible.

The cause of Vitiligo is not known, but there are several theories on this. One theory is that Vitiligo can be caused by an over active thyroid – this can be tested though. Others believe that Vitiligo is hereditary. Some perceive that people develop antibodies that destroy the melanocytes (cell that produces melanin) in their own bodies. Some think that sunburn or emotional distress can cause Vitiligo or just make it worse. However, there is no scientific proof on any of these theories which is the cause of Vitiligo. Although there are some symptoms that say mild trauma and stress can cause new patches.

There is no way to predict if this skin disorder Vitiligo will spread. For some people, the depigmentation does not spread but when it does, the spreading is normally progressive. However, there are situations wherein the patches spread to different parts of the bodies but there are also cases where it does not. For some people, Vitiligo spreads slowly over the years for others Vitiligo occurs rapidly.

Vitiligo is harmless. It is not infectious. It is more of a cosmetic problem because it can be emotionally and psychologically distressing and today there are several ways to treat Vitiligo. There is no known cure for Vitiligo only Vitiligo treatment that can help which we explain more in other sections of the website.


Famous Anti-Vitiligo™ Oil

Anti-Vitiligo Oil is a natural herbal recipe for re-pigmentation in vitiligo and also in many other conditions associated with hypo-pigmentation. Anti-Vitiligo is currently the most effective external treatment for vitiligo. The cumulative sales data of anti-vitiligo over the past 6 years shows that 53% of the users have reordered within 2 to 6 months.

The product profile of Anti-Vitiligo is summarized in five simple phrases.

1Rapid results with return of normal skin complexion
2Absolutely natural with no harsh, irritating substances
3Easy Treatment with no necessary supplements

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