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Our Mission Statement


for Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!

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Our Mission

Here at Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!

We will use this website to get the word out about new findings and treatments for auto-immune ailment sufferers. We will strive to keep readers informed, attract a broad audience and compel a firmer understanding of these diseases, in today's world.

We wish to let other auto-immune ailment sufferers know,
what Penny Discovered....

That it is possible to stay home and still live a productive, full life.

Through the use of the computer, the last 15 years have been a wonderful turning point for Penny. She has shopped online, worked online and even helped family and friends online.

This site is stuffed full of links to many things, one might need to be productive and viable in today's world. You don't have to leave home to accomplish life's daily tasks. Items sold online can be delivered right to your door.

Penny sold her 'new' 1992 Camry, in 1992, since we no longer needed two vehicles. The few times she needed to go, I or one of our children took her. It was so seldom and not a problem this past eight years.

When Penny started her eBay business she grossed over $900.00 the very first month just selling our un-needed items. She got very ill in November 2002 with a few of her medicines not liking each other. She was feeling better by June of 2002 and returned to selling on eBay.

Our goal is to reach many auto-immune ailment sufferers and their families to present the fact that, it is OKAY to have auto-immune conditions and very possible to

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy while living with ALL auto-immune ailments.

We'll include pictures, stories of medical accomplishments in the fight against auto-immune ailments. 
Foremost we will relate YOUR stories, allowing YOU a voice, the first step to
Staying Happy, Staying Healthy!!

Please email us YOUR story, we will see that YOUR story is posted in the Patient Stories pages.
Thank YOU in advance for Sharing!

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Privacy Policy: Any and ALL private identifying information that You email to us will be kept in the strictest of confidence. No person or person affiliated with "Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!" will maintain records of information submitted privately.

We will use Your name on Your stories 'ONLY' if requested by You.

Your anonymity is respected by "Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!"

If you post personal identifying information on the guestbook, that is your choice.  By posting any information on this site, You are agreeing that "Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!!" and ALL associates will be held harmless in the event that information is copied or used by others.

If You would like information about this site or need assistance,
Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!! Bakersfield, CA 93312

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